Zachary Nyatoh Coffee Table


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Features and materials


SKU: UW-JS-CT Category: Coffee Table

Add an extra touch of style and storage to your home with this two-drawer nyatoh coffee table. The drawers and lower shelving provide ample storage to help control clutter and keep organized while making a stylish addition to any room. NYATOH is rich of dense fibre which result in greater strength and hardness of the wood and it is also more durable feel of solid wood and its unique wood grain. Its contain a kind of spicy fragrance while termites and other wood destroyer insects despise. Therefore, there is never a need to worry about their threats. Due to NYATOH wood's nature of being able to withstand the threat of termites and other wood destroyer insects sot that there is no chemical substances were added or contained in the wood. The product surface uses Polyurethane (PU) finishing which is a type of non-toxic paint. Since the durability of the wood, it leads to the decrease of deforestation and environmental pollutions.